Academy Partner Clubs

The premise of Club support is to allow us to influence without dictating what we believe player development should look like between the ages of 2-12 years old. This is key for us to align with like-minded clubs, support their visions for club growth and in turn growth of the game. Our partner clubs throughout Queensland, provide quality assured environments for player development maximising the chances of young players entering Brisbane Roar’s Academy.

Club support for Brisbane Roar Academy

Academy Preparation Centre

The Academy Preparation Centre allows Brisbane Roar to support and enhance the good work done in the local community. The aim is create a world-class environment from which players can learn and talent emerge free of pressure, under the guidance of our experts in player development. Each partner club operates an Academy Preparation Centre meaning our program is accessible and inclusive for any young player to enter. Brisbane Roar’s qualified Academy staff work on a week-to-week basis with our partner club players and staff to ensure the best environment for players is implemented. All registered players in our Academy Preparation Centre receive a Brisbane Roar Membership and full Brisbane Roar APC training kit.

Brisbane Roar Academy Preparation